Ever had that sinking feeling while standing in front of shelves full of wine bottles, and not knowing which one to choose? Nowadays there are hundreds of options lined up in beautifully labelled arrays. Yet it’s difficult to know when a wine suits both the palate and pocket. That’s where the Best Value Wine Guide has become an invaluable tool over the past 14 years that it has been published. It takes the sweat out of making that decision. If you see a Best Value Wines sticker on a bottle, you’ll know that the wine has been subjected to a rigorous judging process by a panel of professional wine tasters and that it is one of best wines in South Africa under R100. So, next time you’re standing in front of those shelves mulling over the wines, don’t be daunted or discouraged. Just look for the cheery red Best Value Wines sticker – It’s an easy way of spotting a great wine bargain that’s been taste-tested and given our stamp of approval.