Wellington Wines Chenin Blanc

The numbers make for interesting reading: 2 400 hectares of grapes supply a whopping 27 000... read more
Alc:12.62 Rs:3.7 TA:5.9 pH:3.50
Value Rating:   16 / 20 Star Rating:   Cellar Price: from R36.00

Imbuko Chenin Blanc

Alc:13.37 Rs:4.1 TA:5.7 pH:3.50
Value Rating:   3 / 20 Star Rating:   Cellar Price: from R38.00

Shortwood Entry White NV

Alc:12.84 Rs:3.7 TA:5.6 pH:3.3
Value Rating:   8 / 20 Star Rating:   Retail Price: from R25 Cellar Price: from R25