1. Competition open to all South African wines, available and selling to the public at R80 or less per 750ml (including VAT) or equivalent price/volume ratio.
  2. Wines must be available for purchase in South Africa.
  3. There is no limit to the number of entries per winery.
  4. Only market-ready wines may be entered. No tank/barrel-samples will be accepted. Submissions must have received their final Wine & Spirit Board analysis.
  5. If one wine is bottled under two or more different labels, these need to be entered separately.
  6. Wine categories: ensure wines are entered into the correct category for judging (Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot etc.)
  7. Supporting documentation: please submit as much as possible during entry process, including bottle shots, tasting notes, farm information etc. (the more information we have the better).
  8. Price of wine: ensure that the lowest retail price (RSP) is always supplied. Only where a retail price is not applicable will cellar door pricing be accepted. If cellar door pricing is supplied the producer must be open to the public (without having to make an appointment). The wine must be available to consumers at the price entered onto the Best Value entry form at the time of publication (i.e. January 2017) at a retailer or at the cellar door. Spot checks will be conducted and we reserve the right to disqualify wines from the competition should the price be misrepresented.
  9. Cost of entries: R350 per wine (including VAT). Wineries entering 5 or more wines will receive a 10% discount on their total bill.
  10. Confirmation of entry is the wineries responsibility. You will receive an invoice after which proof of payment is required to confirm your entry.
  11. Judging is to take place in October 2016; results to be published in February 2017 issue of Getaway Magazine.
  12. Award Winners will be required to supply 12 x 750ml bottles or equivalent volume of their award-winning wine to the Best Value Wines Guide at no charge, i.e. for promotional purposes such as at the Awards Function in January 2017.
  13. The producer must have at least 600 × 750ml bottles (or equivalent volume) of the wine available to the public at the published price when the guide is published in February 2017. We reserve the right to call on that stock.
  14. The closing date for entries (i.e payment of entries) is 21 October 2016. No late entries will be accepted after this date.
  15. Only wines scoring 2 ½ stars or more by our judging panel will be included in the 2017 Guide.

Wine deliveries

24th to the 28th October

  1. 4 x clearly labeled bottles per wine entered must be submitted (if supplied in boxes – please ensure the box is clearly marked).
  2. Each entry is to be submitted separately, e.g. four bottles per box per entry.
  3. Deliveries will be accepted from Monday 24th October to Friday 28th October 2016 between 09:00 and 16:00 only. (Wines delivered on any other day will not be accepted).
  4. Wines to be delivered to Best Value Wines Guide c/o RamsayMedia, 36 Old Mill Road, Ndabeni.
  5. Please ensure that the correct wine is delivered to the venue. The Best Value team cannot be held responsible for incorrect entries/deliveries.